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Meeting Minutes - December 2017

Our December meeting was held December 2nd at Belgian Waffle House in Ozark, MO and also served as our annual club Christmas Dinner.  Members in attendance were: Mike and Becky Moore, Randy and Dixie Wiemer, Bill and Kathy Wiehe, Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Jim Proe, Steve Cunningham, Scott, Juanita, Hannah and Kaylee George, Carolyn Rein and Ashton Atteberry, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Larry and Linda Brown, Larry and Linda Davis, Steve and Neva Comer, Chuck and Lisa Price, Dennis Langston and Mark and Lisa Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance.

After the dinner, the meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

After the financial report, President Scott George presented Carolyn Rein and Ashton and Lexi Atteberry with lifetime club memberships in honor of Perry Rein, the husband of Carolyn and grandfather of Ashton and Lexi. Perry was a lifelong and dedicated member of the club and will be missed by all. Each was presented with a very nice framed print of Perry standing alongside his two Chevelles.

Jim Proe reported that the 13th Annual GM Car and Truck Show will take place on Sunday, July 15th 2018 at Reliable Chevrolet, 3655 South Campbell in Springfield. Saturday was not an option for Reliable, so we hope Sunday draws a good crowd. A flyer has been made and posted on the website under “Current Events.” Please help get the word out. There will be live music and a DeeJay, and food will be provided by Reliable Chevrolet.

Mike Moore gave tentative dates for the 2019 Chevelle Regionals, which will be hosted by our club and held in Springfield in 2019, as June 28 and 29. Members in attendance agreed on those dates, and Mike will work with the Oasis Hotel in securing the dates.

After some recent discussion with Bill Estes, he and Marcie have generously offered to host the next club meeting in January on Sunday the 14th at 2pm in their “Last Chance Garage” located at 3924 S. Leigh Lane, Rogersville, MO 65742. As done in the past, he will be putting on his nearly famous chili recipe, so please feel free to bring either a snack/side/dessert/drink if you can.  Also remember that this is the all-important election meeting, so please try to attend as we will be electing our leaders for the 2018 year. Plus many members’ dues came up in December, so if this applies to you, please bring $20 at this time. Finally, thanks again for your support this year and hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


September, 2017 Club Cruise


On September 22, 2017, five cars of Queen City Chevelle Club members set off on an adventure, leaving Springfield early that Friday morning headed east toward the Mississippi.

After crossing the Mississippi and entering Kentucky, we headed north toward Metropolis, Indiana, the hometown of Superman, or at least the hometown of a 25 foot tall statue of the man of steel. There was a short break before we finished our journey to our destination for the night, Cave City, Kentucky, where we slept in a teepee.

  The Wigwam motel has units that look like teepees made out of concrete. The Wigwam in Cave City is one of three remaining of the original seven built between 1930 and 1940, with the other two located along Route 66 out west. Cave City received its name because it is near Mammoth Cave, the world’s largest known cave, so while there we took a short tour of the cave. 

Our next stop was Sommerset, Kentucky, the car cruise capital of Kentucky. It was the fourth Saturday of the month, which was cruise night, so we cruised into the downtown cruise for a while before getting back on the road.

We headed south and stopped at Cumberland Falls, the Niagara of the South, for some waterfall viewing before getting back on the road to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for Saturday and Sunday night.  Our time in Pigeon Forge was spent visiting the Smokies Mountains, a little shopping, and an evening of fun and food at a dinner theater.

  On Monday morning we crossed into North Carolina, headed to Asheville and the Biltmore Estate.  The Biltmore is America's largest private home, built in the 1890's by the Vanderbilts. The opulent four story home has 250 rooms, including 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley.  We also toured the beautiful gardens, observing how the ultra-rich lived during the gilded age, before piling back into our old hot rods and heading north on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We enjoyed the mountain scenery before crossing back into Kentucky for the night.

On Tuesday we headed north, and for lunch we stopped in Corbin, Kentucky at the Harlan Sanders Cafe and Museum, the original restaurant of Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.

After refueling ourselves, we headed to Williamstown, Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter, a recreation of Noah's ark. The massive ship was built to the dimensions in the bible, with three decks of cages with animals and living quarters for Noah and his family. At 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high, the guys marveled at the engineering of the ship.  We spent the night in Lexington, getting a good night’s sleep.

 On Wednesday we drove all day to return home. We arrived in Springfield just in time for everyone to have dinner together before we parted ways.

  Cruise participants this year included: Steve & Neva Comer, Tom & Judy Keene, Dan & Lori Scott, Randy & Dixie Weimer and Terry & Sherri Whitely.  This is the third year we have all gone on a classic cruise and there were no car fires, motor problems or fist fights, just a good time, so much so that everyone decided they wanted to do it again next year. Maybe we will head west.     


Meeting Minutes - October 2017

Our October meeting was held October 7th at Steak n Shake on North Glenstone. Members in attendance were: Mike Moore, Randy and Dixie Weimer, Scott and Juanita George, Craig Garret, Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Jim Proe, Bill and Kathy Wiehe, Mark Jantz and Mark Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

Mike Moore and Bill Wiehe talked about the Midwest Regionals in Nebraska which led to discussion about the Regional’s to be hosted by our club in 2019. There was discussion about firming up a date, with more discussion to come at future meetings.

Jim Proe has been speaking with management at Reliable Chevrolet here in Springfield about them possibly hosting our GM Car and Truck Show in 2018. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Our annual Club Christmas Party will take place on December 2, 2017 from 6p.m.-9p.m. at the Belgian Waffle House in Ozark, MO (1882 West James River Drive.) Please remember that at this year’s Christmas Party the club will not be paying for any portion of the meal, and the cost of the meal will be the responsibility of each member. Participants will be able to order food from the full menu. Thank you to Chuck Price for organizing this event.

We will not have a club meeting in November. Our next club meeting will take place at the Christmas Dinner December, 2 at the Belgian Waffle House.


September 6, 2017

We have just learned that Perry Rein, a dedicated and long time member of the Queen City Chevelle Club, passed away last night, September 5, 2017, from natural causes. Perry was a very good man and will be missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carolyn and the enitre Rein family.

Visitation will be Sunday, September 10, 2017, from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at Shadel's Colonial Chapel, 1001 Lynn Street, Lebanon, MO 65536.

A memorial service will be held on Monday, September 11, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. at Shadel's Colonial Chapel.

For additional information please go to

Additionally, Rhonda Garrett spoke with Carolyn Rein, and Carolyn would like to invite any club members attending Perry's funeral on Monday to drive their Chevelle's and have them in the funeral procession.


Meeting Minutes - September 2017

Our September meeting was held September 2nd at Steak n Shake on North Glenstone. Members in attendance were: Mike Moore, Randy Weimer, Scott George, Craig Garrett and Rhonda Garret, Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Mark Hooten and Mark Jantz. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

There was conversation about the 30th Midwest Chevelle Regionals in Nebraska. If you are interested in attending and have not made arrangements, please do so soon, as the show is quickly approaching. For more information about the show, you can view the flyer on our website under “Current Events.”

Due to medical setbacks suffered by both Kim and Becky Keith, there will be no “Spooky Moon” this year. There is a letter from Kim posted on the club website which further explains his decision, and can be found under “Current Events.”  Scroll down to October 1st and click on the “Spooky Moon Letter” link.

Our club has lost three members who have chosen not to renew their membership.

Our next club meeting will be held on Saturday, October 7th at 5:00 p.m. at Steak n Shake, 1550 South Glenstone.


Meeting Minutes - August 2017

Our August meeting was held August 5th at Steak n Shake on North Glenstone. Members in attendance were: Mike Moore, Jim Proe and Robert and Jean Killingsworth.

Jim reported that Tom with Crosslines has asked us to pick a date for next year's GM show, and he will go to the Fairgrounds and request said date.

Robert said Kim Keith was recovering from bypass surgery at Mercy hospital.

Mike reported we paid our Club Liability Insurance for the year, as well as our Website hosting fee to Dale McIntosh.

If you are planning on attending the Regional show in Nebraska next month, please contact Mike Moore. We are putting a list together so we can make travel plans. So far we have Mike Moore, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, and Bill and Kathy Wiehe.

Next meeting to be determined.


Meeting Minutes - July 2017

Our July meeting was held July 1st at Steak n Shake on North Glenstone. Members in attendance were: Mike Moore, Randy Weimer, Jim Proe, Craig Garrett, Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Mick Mack and Mark Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

Mike Moore advised those in attendance that the club liability insurance policy was set to expire. After a short discussion, all in attendance agreed the club should renew the policy, so Mike will be writing a check to renew the insurance.

The primary area of discussion was the GM car show and the lower than expected attendance we received at this year’s show. Conversation centered around next year’s show and where it will be held, any changes people might like to see, etc. There were no decisions made, and the subject will be further discussed at future meetings. If any of our membership has ideas or thoughts on the subject, please reach out to someone or come to some of the meetings and share them. All thoughts are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Chevelle Club in Oklahoma, which was originally slated to host the 2018 Chevelle Regionals in Tulsa, has gone defunct, thus moving up Wichita and our club in the rotation. The 2018 Regionals will now be held in Wichita, KS, and the 2019 Regionals will be held here in Springfield.

Our next club meeting will be held on Saturday, August 5th at 5:00 p.m. at Steak n Shake, 1550 South Glenstone. Please note we have gone back to having our meetings at 5:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m.


Meeting Minutes - June 2017

Our June meeting was held June 17th at the Ozarks Empire Fairgrounds, which was the same day as our annual GM Car and Truck Show. Members in attendance were: Jim Proe, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Bill Wiehe, Chuck Price, Randy Wiemer, Dennis Langston, Mick Mack, Steve Comer and Mark Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance and thank you to all who arrived early to help set up for the show.

This year our show was held at the Ozarks Empire Fairgrounds with the band Smokey Folk playing live music and DJ’ing during breaks. The band was very good and we appreciate them performing for our guests. Thank you to Jim Proe for getting the car show together as well as getting Smokey Folk to play for us.

Our attendance this year was a little smaller than in past years, and we can only assume the change of venue, weather and competition from several other shows was the reason. That being said, we look forward to having 100 entries for next year’s show.

After the show, we solicited and received several ideas from the entrants as to how we can improve the show and what they as participants would like to see. Maybe during this next year we members call talk to our friends and those at the various cruise-in’s and shows we attend to get their ideas as well.

The Chevelle Club in Oklahoma, which was originally slated to host the 2018 Chevelle Regionals in Tulsa, has gone defunct, thus moving up Wichita and our club in the rotation. The 2018 Regionals will now be held in Wichita, KS, and the 2019 Regionals will be held here in Springfield.

On Saturday we learned that our friend Perry Rein was in the hospital in Springfield. Rhonda Garrett spoke with Perry’s wife, Carolyn, and at the time Carolyn said the doctors were still evaluating Perry, but it sounded as if Perry was going to be okay. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Perry and Carolyn and their family and we wish Perry a swift and complete recovery.

Our next club meeting will be held on Saturday, July 1st at 3:00 p.m. at Steak n Shake, 1550 South Glenstone.


Meeting Minutes - May 2017

Our May meeting was held May 6th at Steak ‘n Shake. Members in attendance were: Scott George, Chuck Price, Jim Proe, Mike Moore, Randy Weimer, Craig Garrett, Mark Hooten, Perry and Carolyn Rein, Larry Davis and Scott Matlock. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

The club’s 12th Annual GM Car and Truck Show will be held June 17th, 2017, from 9am-3pm at the fairgrounds. All members are encouraged to meet at the Fairgrounds between 7-7:30 am on the day of the show to assist with set up duties, and are further asked to bring a canopy and/or tables if you have them. Members are also asked to bring coolers for ice and water, as the Fairgrounds has permitted us to provide water for those in attendance. Food and other drink items will still need to be purchased from the BootDaddy Grille, which will be open from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. the day of the show.

Additional details about the show can be found on the flyer.

The Chevelle Club in Oklahoma, which was originally slated to host the 2018 Chevelle Regionals in Tulsa, has gone defunct, thus moving up Wichita and our club in the rotation. The 2018 Regionals will now be held in Wichita, KS, and the 2019 Regionals will be held here in Springfield.

The cruise to the Hangar Kafe for lunch has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict with another cruise. As soon as a new date is determined, we will post it to the website.

Our next club meeting will be held on June 17th at the GM Car and Truck show. We’ll meet sometime around 1:00 p.m. 


Meeting Minutes - April 2017

Our April meeting was held April 1st at Steak ‘n Shake. Members in attendance were: Scott George and daughter Hannah, Chuck Price, Jim Proe, Mike Moore, Randy and Dixie Weimer, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Mark Hooten, Mark Jantz and James Wisely. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

Jim Proe has worked hand in hand with Tom Falkner from Crosslines and it looks like we will be having our 12th Annual GM Car and Truck Show this year after all. The show will be held June 17th, 2017, from 9am-3pm at the fairgrounds. There will be a roped off area for all participants and the entry fee will be $20.00 per car.

A few significant changes will accompany this year’s show. First, we will have both a live band as well as a DJ to play music during the band’s breaks. The band is Smokey Folk and they are a bluegrass/rock band but their music covers several genre’s.

The second change is that the Fairgrounds will not allow the club to bring in or prepare food for the participants, as had been done in the past. This year there will be food and drink available for purchase in the BootDaddy Grille in the rodeo arena.

Participants may bring donations of canned food items for Crosslines, but donated food will not replace the $20.00 entry fee.

Thank you to Jim for all the hard work to get the show together. For someone who retired from this duty, you sure did a good job!

Mike Moore has made flyers for the show which have been posted to the Club Website as well as the Club Facebook page, and will be passed out at the various shows and cruise-ins. Thank you to Mike and the nifty ’70 convertible on the flyer.

Club member Mark Moore of G.L. Moore Tire Pros and Automotive has volunteered to sponsor our show and has donated money to pay Smokey Folk and the DJ for their performance. Thank you, Mark, for the sponsorship and the donation, both are very much appreciated.

All members are encouraged to meet at the Fairgrounds between 7-7:30 am on the day of the show to assist with set up duties, and are further asked to bring a canopy if they have one.

Additional details about the show can be found on the flyer.

The annual Club Christmas Party has been officially scheduled, and will take place on December 2, 2017 from 6pm-9pm at the Belgian Waffle House in Ozark, MO (1882 West James River Drive.) Please remember that at this year’s Christmas Party the club will not be paying for any portion of the meal, and the cost of the meal will be the responsibility of each member. Thank you to Chuck Price for organizing this event.

The Club would like to welcome our newest member, Mick Mack. Mick has a Torch red 1965 El Camino and joined the club in December, 2016. Mick attended his first meeting in April, 2017 and we look forward to seeing Mick at our meetings and events. Welcome Mick!

There were discussions about a Club cruise to the Hangar Kafe in Miller, MO on Sunday, May 7th for an early dinner, with all participants meeting at the Sonic Restaurant at Chestnut Expressway and West Bypass at 3pm to start the cruise. I’m sure this will be discussed further at our next meeting, which will be Saturday, May 6th at 3pm at Steak ‘n Shake. See you there.


Meeting Minutes - March 2017

Our March meeting was held at the residence of Perry and Carolyn Rein in Lebanon, MO. Thank you to Perry and Carolyn for your hospitality and thank you to all who brought snacks and drinks.  Members in attendance were: Perry and Carolyn Rein, Scott and Juanita George and girls, Chuck and Lisa Price, Mike Moore, Randy Weimer, Jim Proe, Craig and Rhonda Garrett and Mark and Lisa Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance.

The meeting was called to order and the first order of business was a financial report from Treasurer Mike Moore.

There were two primary areas of discussion, our annual GM Car and Truck Show at Thompson Buick GMC Cadillac and our annual Christmas party.

During the February meeting Jim Proe informed us that Thompson’s will not be hosting our GMC show this year, leaving us with several options which were discussed at length, with additional ideas discussed during the March meeting.

Ideas included a Cruise-In type event where we cruise to a designated location for a car show where we would have music and food. Participants could join the cruise to the event site or show up to the event site without participating in the cruise. If this option were to be decided upon, an additional decision would need to be made as to whether we limit the participants to General Motors vehicles or open the event to all makes and models.

A second idea discussed was teaming with Crosslines to host a car show at the Fairgrounds parking lot. Complete details are not known at this time, but it would appear the show may be in conjunction with a monster car and truck event being held at the Fairgounds on the same date, but with the monster car and truck show being held later in the day. The Fairgrounds would also require they open at least two food concession stands for the purchase of food and drinks by participants. The club would not be allowed to provide food free of charge and has been the practice at Thompson’s. Jim Proe is awaiting a call back from Crosslines on the Fairgrounds option, so a decision to vote on one of these options or to opt out of sponsoring a car show this year was shelved until the April, 2017 meeting.

The second area of discussion was the annual Christmas Party. Chuck Price informed us that he spoke with management at the Belgian Waffle House in Ozark, MO (1882 West James River Drive.) Chuck learned the Belgian Waffle House has a private meeting room which can accommodate about fifty people, and there is no charge to rent the room. Furthermore, all attendees would be able to order anything from the full menu, thus adding numerous options which would surely have something for everyone.

It was decided to reserve the room for December 2, 2017, with a start time to be determined at a later date, but most likely in the 5 p.m.-7 p.m. time frame. Please remember that at this year’s Christmas Party the club will not be paying for any portion of the meal, and the cost of the meal will be the responsibility of each member.

The 2017 Regionals will be in Nebraska this year. See the attached flyers in the “Current Events” Section for more information.

The 2018 Regionals will be in Tulsa, OK, 2019 Regionals will be in Wichita, KS and the 2020 Regionals will be here in Springfield, MO.

The April meeting will be held on Saturday, April 1st at 3:00 p.m. at Steak ‘n Shake, 1550 South Glenstone. Get those hot rods out and join us! If the weather is not good, we will still grab a burger and have the meeting inside. We will most likely be making a final decision as to what we will do about the GM car show as well as discuss the start time for the Christmas Dinner, and would love to listen to any additional ideas and comments.

See you April 1st!


Meeting Minutes - February 2017

Our February meeting was held at the residence of Robert and Jean Killingsworth, and those attending brought snacks and drinks for all. Thank you, Robert, and Jean for your hospitality.  Members in attendance were: Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Jim Proe, Randy and Dixie Weimer, Scott George, Craig Garrett, Chuck Price and Mark and Lisa Hooten. Thank you to all in attendance. The March meeting time and location has not yet been decided, but will posted to the Website once determined. Please check back soon.

There were two primary areas of discussion, our annual GM Car and Truck Show at Thompson Buick GMC Cadillac and our annual Christmas party.

Jim Proe informed us that Thompson’s will not be hosting our GMC show this year, leaving us with several options which were discussed at length. Ideas included trying to locate another GM dealer in the area who may be interested in hosting the show; changing the theme of the show to allow all vehicle makes and hosting the show at some other venue, such as the Battlefield Mall parking lot or some other parking lot; changing the theme to some type cruise-in with activities, such as a poker run, movie, etc.; or doing nothing and not have a car show. It was decided to table the thoughts and postpone a vote until possibly the March meeting, where we hope to have more members present.

Please Please Please, if you have any ideas or thoughts on the subject, please contact President Scott George or Vice President Chuck Price, or please come to the March meeting to discuss your ideas.

The second area of discussion was the annual Christmas Party. Discussion included having members pay for half of their meal at the party or having members pay for their entire meal. Also discussed was venue, as the current venue continues to increase their cost, and whether or not we should try to reserve a room at a local restaurant, thus giving everyone a full menu of food items from which to choose.

The 2017 Regionals will be in Nebraska this year. See the attached flyers in the “Current Events” Section for more information.

The 2018 Regionals will be in Tulsa, OK, 2019 Regionals will be in Wichita, KS and the 2020 Regionals will be here in Springfield, MO.

We hope to see you at the next meeting, and bring with you some thoughts and ideas on these two subjects.


Rumblings – January 2017

Dixie Weimer hosted our January election meeting on Sunday January 8th at Braums restaurant on North Kansas Expressway. It was good to see everyone.  Those in attendance were Chuck and Lisa Price, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Jim and Donna Wisely, Scott and Jaunita George and girls, Steve Comer, Mike Moore, Perry and Carolyn Rein, Tom and Judy Keene, Mark and Lisa Hooten, and Dixie Weimer.


 The newly elected officers for 2017 are:

President - Scott George

Vice President -Chuck Price

Secretary - Mark Hooten (also webmaster)

Treasurer - Mike Moore


CONGRATULATIONS to the new officers!!!!!


Discussions included:

2017 Midwest Chevelle Regionals at La Vista, Nebraska Sept. 22-23

2017 Christmas Party suggestions needed

Dues list updated

All GM show changes


 I would like to sincerely thank our club members for their great help and support this past year. I think the activities help from Randy and Dixie was a big plus, and appreciated. Looking forward to more fun get-togethers this year. Let's pitch in, volunteer, participate, make new suggestions, and support Scott for a great new Chevelle lovin' year!!    Punch it!  "Get out there and BURN SOME GAS"        Chuck Price

Our next club meeting will be held on February 4th at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Robert and Jean Killingsworth, 2116 North Delaware, Springfield, MO. Members may bring a snack and/or drink to be shared by all.


Meeting Minutes - January 2017

Despite a change of meeting plans due to the inclement weather, there was a large group of club members who attended the club's election meeting held at Braums at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday the 8th. Members present were: Mike Moore, Dixie Weimer, Steve Comer, Perry & Carolyn Rein, Craig & Rhonda Garrett, Chuck & Lisa Price, Scott & Jaunita George (& girls), Jim & Donna Wisely, Tom & Judy Keene, Mark & Lisa Hooten.

  First order of business was the election of officers for 2017. Our new officers are:
President - Scott George
Vice President - Chuck Price
Secretary - Mark Hooten
Treasurer - Mike Moore
Board members - Bill Wiehe, Craig Garrett and Mark Jantz

Mike Moore will have the treasury report.
Thanks to past and future officers for your service.

There were a few items brought up that will be discussed at future meetings, and your ideas or opinions will be welcomed.

1. The Club's Christmas party location and date.

2. GM Show. Do we want to continue with a car show or change to different type of fund raiser event such as a cruise-in?

3. Regional Chevelle show in Omaha, NE September 22 & 23. The flyer has been posted in the "Current Events" section of our website.

4. Facebook. It has been a year since the club joined Facebook. Any suggestions or comments anyone has our Facbook site would be welcomed.

Our Feburary meeting time and place will be announced at a later time and the trip to the Hangar Kafe will rescheduled for March. Please check our website for updates.



Rumblings - December 2016            

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy Chevelle'in New Year too! It's been a fun year to be your President. Many thanks to our other officers and members who have added so much to make it a great club!  


Our Christmas dinner on Dec. 3 was enjoyed by a good sized crowd who dined and made merriment at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield. Some nice door prizes were taken home by some lucky members. 


I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members,
Allen (Mick) Mack and his wife Patty. They have a torch red 65 El Camino. I'm anxious to meet them and check out their ride too! Hoping they can make it

to our January meeting.


Our next meeting will be held Sunday, January 8th at Braum's Restaurant, 2555 North Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO at 1:30 p.m.


This is an important meeting. Please try to attend, as we will be electing our new

leaders for the following year. Also, many member's dues came due in December. If you think this might apply to you, be sure to bring $20 or a checkbook. We will have the list there to check.


       Looking forward to kicking off 2017 with excitement and fun! Hope to see
all of you there!!   Thanks again for your support this year. 
Chuck Price


Meeting Minutes - December 2016


Happy Holidays... the Queen City Chevelle club gathered in the Kalahari room at the Ramanda Oasis on Saturday, December 3rd for the clubs annual Christmas party.  A delious meal was enjoyed by the group along with visiting, drawing for door prizes and a short business meeting.  
  Remember club dues expire either in June or December, so if you have not already paid your dues this year you may be expired.
  Next club meeting will be hosted by the Weimer's on Sunday January the 8th, more details will be sent later.
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   



Meeting Minutes - October 2016

A pair of Aces won the Queen City Chevelle Club's poker run on Sunday the 8th. Kim Keith was the lucky winner. It was a beautiful day for the run which started on the north side of Springfield with 12 cars and ended up at the Finley River Park in Ozark. Joined by other club members at the park we were treated to hamburgers and hot dogs grilled for us by President Chuck. Thanks to Chuck and Lisa for all of their work to get the picnic and the poker run pulled together.  After our meal there was a short meeting. There was also some discussion about a change of the date and location of the GM show held at Thompson's.

It was decided the next meeting would be during the Clubs Christmas party which will be held on Saturday, December the 3rd at the Ramada Oasis. Club members will pay $15 for their meal and we will be needing a head count in late November. An e-mail reminder will sent out in November. Please remember that if you did not pay your dues in May then they will be due in December.


Regionals in Kansas City at Cabela's went off well, with several of our members winning nice awards. Perry and Carolyn Rein won a top 3 award for their original class 1972. Bill and Kathy Wiehe won a top 3 award for their original class 1967. Robert and Jean Killingsworth won a top 3 award for their original class 1969. Craig and Rhonda Garrett won a top 3 pick from the 1000 point judges for their 1966 and a top 3 award for modified 1966 class.  Kyle and Tara Booth won best paint for their 1970, as well as a top 3 original award . We're talking 160 plus of the best Chevelles in the midwest! Congratulations to all who brought home an award!


Spooky Moon fun run and Hotrod Picnic at Kim Keith Farm saw beautiful weather and over 600 cool hotrods. They really put on a great event!  



Meeting Minutes - September 2016

It won't be long before the leaves will start to change their colors, we'll be dragging out the sweaters, and Starbucks will once again offer the pumpkin spice latte. That's right it is almost fall.  The club has a fun fall meeting planned for Sunday October 9th.  We will meet at the Dickerson Park Zoo parking lot at 1:00 . We will have a poker run as we cruise to the Ozark Finley Park in Ozark or just meet us there at the red pavillion at 1:30. Once we all gather we will have a meal of burgers and dogs, we ask that all club members bring a chips, dessert, or other side dish. Then we will have our club meeting. Remember that Spooky Moon is coming up October 2 at Keith farm's the Loft near Ash Grove. And then December 3rd will be the club Christmas party held at the Ramada Oasis, at our club meeting it was voted that each club member that attends pay $15 for their meal. Coming this weekend is the Chevelle regional hosted by the MidAmerica Chevelle Club at the Cabela's Village West Shopping Center at the Legends in Kansas City. Get out there enjoy the road!

See you there - Dixie


Meeting Minutes - August 2016


The  August 6 All GM Car and Truck Show is "in the books". Check out "Cruising the Ozarks" photos on our Facebook page.
Approximately 60 entrants showed their beautiful rides at Thompson Sales Co.
Because of the GREAT help from our club members, and the behind the scenes
work from Jim and Chris Proe and others, the show was a success!!!  Unfortunately little sprinkles came and went before the downpours and threatening severe weather caused us to expedite the awards process.The folks at Thompson's once again were great hosts, offering a pizza lunch for everyone, and cold water bottles. The Hooters girls  again brightened up the scenery and provided tasty hot wings... HOT !
Thanks sooo much to everyone who showed up to support our club's efforts to put on a great show and be able to make another nice donation of net profit to Crosslines.
      Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 3, 5:00 PM  at Steak N Shake.
Make plans to attend the Midwest Chevelle Regionals Sept. 23 &24  at Cabela's Kansas City, Ks. Details on our website:

Chuck Price



Meeting Minutes - July 2016


The July meeting at Steak n Shake happened between showers, with myself, Jim Proe, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Scott George and Perry and Carolyn Rein. Our primary discussion covered as many details regarding the All GM Car and Truck Show as we could cram in. Our August meeting will be held at Thompson GMC Cadillac on August 6 at 12:30 p.m. We will need those who usually bring their folding talbes, canopies, coolers and dry erase board for prizes to do so again this year. Thanks.

I will be purchasing some door prizes at O' Reilly's, but if you have something to donate, please bring it or let me know. You may have something new and decent that
you're not using to bring. 

Trophies have been ordered and Jim is putting Goody bags together, as well as contacting Hooters. The music and PA service are lined up.

We mainly need YOU!! Please come help out your club. It will probably be HOT, so dress scantily, stay hydrated and hang out in the shade. It's a good idea for most to arrive around 7:30 - 8:00 to get ready. Registration starts at 9:00. 
Thompson's will again provide lunch and cold water....Thanks !!

See you there!       Chuck



Meeting Minutes - June 2016

Another Chevelle club picnic was celebrated July 12th at the Lost Hill park. Club members enjoyed fried chicken and ham sandwiches along with delicious side dishes provided by club members. A short business meeting was held before the meal. President Chuck discussed the upcoming GM show and the Chevelle Regional to be held in Kansas City, check the website for more details. And it seems traditional that there has to be a rain shower when we picnic so everyone scattered as the rain moved in. Scott George had a little misfortune from his car, but did finally make it home. Next club meeting at Steak and Shake, July 2nd at 5pm.


Meeting Minutes - May 2016


Hi everyone. The May 7 club meeting at Steak N Shake happened on a beautiful day, with lots of cool Chevelles and El Caminos to be admired. Mike gave the Treasurer's report. Upcoming shows, including the all GM Car and Truck Show and the Midwest Regionals at Cabela's in Kansas City were discussed. This is a good time to get registrations sent in and motel reservations made. An email including several nearby motels was sent out by Mike Moore. 
       Club members in attendence were Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Jim Proe, Mike Moore, Robert Killingsworth, Jim and Donna Wisely, Perry and Carolyn Rein, Kelley McKenzie, Mark Hooten, Dennis Keene, and Chuck Price.
        Chevelles in the Park 2016. Plan to attend our June 12 meeting !!
Bring that gorgeous Chevelle to Lost Hill Park (4501 N. Farm Rd. 151  Springfield)

Sunday, June 12th at 2:00 p.m. for lunch and our monthly meeting. Randy and Dixie are working up a picnic feast for us. Bring side dish or dessert, and lawn chairs. Fun times.....Be There  !!

For those that would like to take a short cruise to the park, we will meet at the Dickerson Park Zoo at 1:00 p.m. and cruise to the park from there.




April 2016 - Rumblings

"Back in the saddle again"

Cruise-in season is back!  How fun to be back to Steak N Shake, 417 Coffee and Cars, Culver's, and Nixa Cruisin USA. Winter months just don't offer that kind of amazement.
New reveals of never seen before projects shining in the sun, familiar grills and faces, and diamond-in the-rough finds waiting to be stunning. Exciting, I think ! 
      Our monthly club meeting gave us a chance to see many Chevelle lovers that were also anxious to get out. Next month, we will meet again at Steak N Shake on May 7 at 5:00.
      Glad to see so many renew their memberships. Checks may be sent to Mike Moore, 3850 W. Farm Road 92, Springfield, MO 65803.  $20 will renew you for one year, with the amazing value of $40 for two years! Let me know if you're not sure when yours are due. 
       Some are talking up Power Tour, Midwest Chevelle Regionals, Emerald Coast Cruisin, and other trips. Let's get out there! How about Ozark Raceway Park, where the earth shakes rattles and rolls?  Where ya goin?
        All GM Car and Truck Show Aug. 6 needs a chairperson!  Are you ready to step up? Please we could use your help. Much has been done, but more to go. Put Aug. 6 on your calendar to come and help. Spread the word!
        Thinking of another "Chevelles in the Park", maybe for the June meeting. Your ideas are appreciated. Poker run? Chime in. 

See ya out there..Burn some gas in that thing.       



Meeting Minutes - April 2016

A large crowd showed up on Saturday April the 2nd for the first Cruise in of 2016 at Steak and Shake, and despite it not being the warmest of spring days there was also a large crowd who showed up for the Chevelle club meeting.   President Price called the meeting to order and discussed some upcoming events.  James River Assembly has invited classic car owners to display their rides at both campuses on Friday April the 15th during their men's conference and join them for the events evening meal .  If you are interested or need more information call Chuck for more details.  Also the club will be sending some seed money to the Kansas City club to help with their regional show which is to be held September 23 & 24 , hosted by the Mid America Chevelle Club at the Legends shopping center in Kansas City.  We also responded to some survey questions for the Heartland club regarding their regional show in 2017 in Omaha.  The Christmas party has been booked for December the 3rd at the Ramada Oasis.
  Next club meeting will be May 7th at 5pm during the Steak &Shake cruise in.


March 2016 - Rumblings

Thanks to Bill and Marcy Estes for hosting our March meeting.  Was glad to catch up a bit with Chevelle lovers.  Steve Cunningham has gotten off to a great start on our Facebook page. The networking can’t help but increase our exposure and inform of upcoming events.  Cruise-in season is fast upon us. Hoping your ride is ready for some show and GO!  Cruising USA Frozen Custard in Nixa has a new schedule out. Their first event is Saturday, March 19th and will be held the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 4-10 p.m.  Culver’s Kruz-In, 2520 N. Glenstone, Spfd is the 2nd Saturday of the month. Steak-N-Shake at 1550 S. Glenstone , Spfd. is the first Saturday of the month, from April to October.  Queen City Chevelle Club's April meeting will be held at Steak-N-Shake, Saturday April 2, at 5:00 p.m..  Saturday, May 7, at 5:00 p.m. will follow for the next meeting.  Other events to put on your calendar are the Clever Band Show on May 14th, Street Rod Nationals  May 27-29, Ol’ Marais River Run, Ottawa KS Sept. 17-18,  GM Car and Truck Show August 6th, Midwest Chevelle Regional, Cabela’s, KC, Kansas, Sept. 23-24.  Hot Rod Power Tour June11-17 starts at Gonzales, Louisiana, through Baytown, TX., Austin, Grand Prairie, TX, Ok City, Ok, Wichita, and KC Kansas. Cruisin the Coast October 2-9…..Get out and BURN SOME GAS!

Josh Longnecker of James River Church contacted me regarding their upcoming Men’s Conference April 15 from 3 to 7 p.m.  They would like to have some muscle cars to display at each campus. One is near Ozark off hwy 65 and CC. The other is off 60 hwy near West Bypass and Republic Road. They will have food, games, and activities to entertain. They would like to know ahead of time if you would like to attend. Please let me know if you have questions, and would like to go.

Sadly, Mike Moore’s brother, Tony  passed away this week.  He and Mike enjoyed many Chevelle projects together.  Our sincere condolences to the family.

Chuck Price



Meeting Minutes - March 2016

President Chuck Price opened the March club meeting, which was held at the home of Bill and Marcie Estes on Sunday the 6th. Bill and Marcie treated us to grilled hot dogs and chili along with side dishes from club members. After the club business was discussed, Jim Proe reported he had fliers for the GM show printed up and that requests for goodie bags had been sent out. The show is scheduled for August 6th and the club is still searching for a show coordinator.  Steve Cunningham will be setting up the club's Facebook page, so be sure to find us on the web and like us on Facebook.  The club has gone to a biannual renewal set up for club dues, and dues will now be payable in either May or December. The next club meeting will at 5pm on April 2nd and will be held during Steak 'n Shakes first cruise-in of the 2016 season. 


      January 2016 - Rumblings

Hi everyone!   Hope wintertime finds you cozy, but anxious to get out and burn some gas. Got your oil changed, stuff fixed, polished and waxed?  Me neither, but Queen City Chevelles has a new president, and I hope to serve you well. I hope to get some replies on some fun things you would like to see us do.  Randy and Dixie Weimer are designated Activities Co-chairs for a good reason. They usually know what’s coming up, or are good at coming up with fun ideas.  I hope to post some activities that are of interest to all of you.  

Bill and Marcy Estes will host our February and March meeting. Not much is happening, so we’ll combine the two months into one meeting on Sunday, March 6 at 2:30 p.m. It will be at their home (shop). Bring a crock pot of soup or chili, veggie tray, salad, cheese and crackers, chips, drinks or dessert.  Their address is:  3924 S. Leigh Ln. Rogersville, Mo.  Thank You, Bill and Marcy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Saturday, April 3rd starts the cruise-in scene, and our April meeting will be at Steak-N-Shake at 5:00 p.m. On the same day, try to stop in at the “417 Coffee and Cars” cruise-in from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 pm at 2671 East Sunshine, Springfield, Mo. Like them on Facebook for current updates.  A wide variety of gearhead car lovers will be there, but as always, VINTAGE MUSCLE RULES! If you feel the need for speed, 417 Coffee and Cars is inviting all to the Ozark Raceway Park, east of Rogersville, for TRACK DAY! April 1st from 6:00 p.m. til???   $10 spectator fee, $20 to race.

If you have info or flyers for upcoming shows and events, please forward to Mark Hooten:  Mark and Lisa will be keeping updates on our website.  Scan, fax, attach, or just let him know of fun stuff.

Pres Chuck  


Meeting Minutes - January, 2016

The January meeting was held at the home of Doug and Angie Wilks, and is typically the meeting where we hold our elections.  All club officers agreed to serve in their current office for one more year except for the Presidency, which Chuck Price will fill for 2016. We thank Robert for his service this past year as our President.  Mark Hooten will take over the operation of the club's website. We were then treated to Angie's cooking along with goodies supplied by club members. Hope to see you in 2016. Keep on cruising.


Meeting Minutes - December, 2015

The January meeting was held at the home of Doug and Angie Wilks, and is typically the meeting in which we hold our elections.  All club officers agreed to serve in their current office for one more year except for the Presidency, which Chuck Price will fill for 2016. We thank Robert for his service this past year as our President.  Mark Hooten will take over the operation of the club's website. We were then treated to Angie's cooking along with goodies supplied by club members. Hope to see you in 2016. Keep on cruising.



THE DRIVER’S SEAT – December 2015

Our annual Christmas Party was a success with a large number of club members present. Food seems to bring the most members to an event. The hotel did a great job of decorating and the food was good. Mike handed out door prizes and everyone seemed to have had an enjoyable evening.

For those that missed the party, I made the announcement that I was stepping down from the president’s position. I’ve been in this club from the beginning and have worked most of that time to make this a club that has fun driving and showing off our Chevelles and El Caminos. Now it’s time to slow down and let others take charge.

Looking back at what happened in 2015, we had some good times and unfortunately, some disappointing moments. 2016 brings the hope of great and exciting things to come and I hope this club decides to take part in more events next summer. Go to more shows and cruises.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





MEETING MINUTES - November 2015


For our November club meeting several club members took advantage of the fleeting fall days by cruising to the Keith farms for a Haytona Beach Party.  Our host Kim and Becky Keith treated us to hotdogs & smores while we gathered around the bonfire next to the frog pond.  Club members brought side dishes and photos of their first car or Chevelle, and sweethearts.   A short meeting was held and the menu for the club's Christmas dinner was decided. The Christmas party will be held December 5th at the Ramada Oasis on Glenstone. We will be meeting and dining in the Kalahari room, the club has the room reserved from 5 to 10 pm. Our meal will be a buffet with an entrée of pork loin or chicken, and including Caesar salad, and seasonal fruit.  We will need a head count to make sure there is enough food for everyone, please RSVP to Robert before November 30.




Day 1 - Tues Oct 6

The adventure begins. Six couples all QCCC members left the Ozarks bound for the Mississippi coast to attend the 19th annual Cruising the Coast.  The first day was travel day. Our caravan consisted of our fearless leaders Randy & Dixie Weimer, Steve & Neva Comer, Tom & Judy Keene, Dan & Lorrie Scott, Doug & Angie Wilks, and Terry & Sherri Whitely, our newest club members.

We left Ozark, MO at 7:30 that morning and traveled thru AR to arrive by 4 pm in West Monroe , LA where we visited the Duck Commander warehouse.  The Duck Dynasty boys were all gone duck hunting so after some shopping we all dined together then checked into our motel for the evening.

Day 2 - Wed Oct 7

Up bright and early we traveled on crossing the Mississippi River and stopping in the historic city of Natchez.  Natchez has the largest collection of Antebellum homes on the Mississippi.  Stopping at the Visitor's Center to purchase tour ticket and while there a gentleman from Redneck adventures gave us a brief history of Natchez. He also got some video just moments after flames burst out under the hood of Terry's car.  Luckily for Terry he was able to quickly extinguish the flames himself.  We then continued on, touring two homes and taking a carriage ride of the downtown, then it was off for our final destination the coast.

Day 3 - Thurs Oct 8

We were ready for our first full day of cruising, we were traveling south to the coastal highway know as Beach Boulevard, when we passed Kim & Becky Keith heading north.  They were able to spend a couple of days cruising before they had to return home. Once everyone had picked up their registration packets we were traveling to one of the cruise in site when Doug's car caught on fire.  I understand from witness that Doug can move really fast when he sees smoke coming out from under the hood.  Once again the fire was quickly extinguished .  The guys went to O Reilly's to purchase Doug a new air filter and all of the fire extinguishers that they had.

Day 4 - Fri Oct 9

While the guys continued cruising the ladies picked up a rental car and headed east to Alabama to tour Bellingrath Gardens, Daulphin Island, Fort  Gaines, Bayou La Batrie all before returning to our motel.

Day 5 - Sat Oct 10

So soon its the last day for Cruising the Coast and with over 7,500 registered cars the traffic is in gridlock all over Biloxi and Gulfport. As the day winds down we returned the rental car and then gathered together for our last dinner together.  Thankful for the great weather and good fortune we figured God must love Hot Rodders because we were all still alive and our cars were all still rolling.

Day 6 - Sun Oct 11

Our return home travel day, we departed our motel at 6 am traveled all day and returned to Springfield by 8pm. Tired, weary, broke, it was a exciting trip and the guys are already talking about the next trip.

If you would like any information about our trip just ask one of the guys, they have plenty of stories to tell.



THE DRIVER’S SEAT – October 2015

September saw our last bit of summer and got us thinking of the cooler weather ahead. Fall Festivals and a few October car shows are what’s left for those that want to show off their Chevelles. For others, it’s a time to put our cars in the garage and work on them.

Hot Rod Holiday has invited us to show off our Chevelles with a club display the first weekend in December. Most of you have received an email with the details. Those wanting to enter should get that form sent in early to reserve a spot. A copy of the flyer is on our web site.

The November meeting/cookout will be at Kim’s farm in Ash Grove. Kim said it will have a “Beach Party” theme and to wear your best beach attire. Bikinis are optional. You can use your own judgment about that but I will probably pass on the swimwear.

We will be talking about our Christmas party that is soon to be here December 5th. Be sure to mark that date on your calendar.

Thoughts for this month:

  • Being miserable is a habit. Being happy is a habit. The choice is yours.
  • The best friends to have are those who want nothing from you but your company.





MEETING MINUTES - October 2015


The October meeting was held at the last Steak & Shake cruise in of the year. It was reported that 4 cars of QCCC members attended the Olathe show, they had a great time and several club members attended the Street Machines show in Springfield both held the same weekend.

Everyone was still talking about the tour that Carolyn and Perry arranged of the Evergreen Historic Auto collection owned by Steve Plaster, and the great food that they fed us.  Thanks Carolyn and Perry.

Now that fall is here you know that Spooky Moon time is near.  Kim had a record turn out at the farm for this years Spooky Moon Hot Rod event. Be sure and check out the action on line.

Kim is going to be hosting the November meeting at the farm. There will be hot dogs to roast so if everyone who attends will please bring a side dish or dessert.  We will meet at the Sonic on West Chestnut Sunday November the 8th at 3:00 and cruise out to the farm. 

Don't forget December events coming up include the 2nd Annual O Reilly's Hot Rod Holiday show at the Expo center, registration form can be found online. And the club's  Christmas party December the 5th at the Ramada Oasis.


THE DRIVER’S SEAT – September 2015

Another month has slipped by this year and we are beginning to see cooler temps along with signs of autumn. I’m not ready for cold weather, but the cool nights are great for cruising around in the El Camino.

You never know who you will meet at car events such as the cruise in at Steak n Shake This last time, just as I was thinking of going home, a man came over and asked about my Chevelle. He said he had worked at the Leeds plant and assembled A body cars from around 1960 to 1971 and had probably worked on my car. He had seen some very cool cars come down the assembly line and told a few stories of what he had seen. We both had a good time talking about our cars and I think it was the highlight of the cruise in for both of us.

Borrowed from a small town paper:

People born in the 1950s have lived in 7 decades and 2 centuries. We had the best music, fastest cars, drive in theaters, soda fountains and happy days. And we are not even that old yet. We are just that cool.

I have everything I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later. I don’t have to go to school or work. I get an allowance once a month. I have my own pad, don’t have a curfew, have a driver’s license and my own car. The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant and they don’t use drugs. And I don’t have acne. LIFE IS GOOD!!!





MEETING MINUTES - September 2015


Summer may be winding down but the Chevelle Club  still has many activities coming up. First of all Carolyn and Perry Rein have arranged with Steve Plaster for a free tour of his Evergreen Historic Automobile collection at Lebanon. The collection of over 550 cars has been featured on KY3 it is expected to take 2 hours to tour the collection and we will be walking between 1 to 2 miles so wear comfortable shoes. The club will meet at Perry and Carolyn's house between 1:15 to 1:30 and then drive to the car barn from their house. After the tour we will return to the Rein's for a bite to eat, no need
to bring anything but they need a head count, please let them know by September 13 if you plan to attend. Phone 417-532-3936 or email

September the 25 & 26th is the Street Machines in Springfield and some club members are traveling to the Olathe Clubs Chevelle show that same weekend. Spooky Moon Fun Run and Picnic is coming up Sunday Oct 4th at the Kim Keith farm near Ash Grove.

Also the club discussed having a host pick at next years GM show, to select a club members car, voted by the participants.

See you at the next meeting during the Steak and Shake cruise October 3rd at 5pm.





The August meeting was held in conjunction with the GM Car Show held August 8th at Thompson's who have graciously helped us to host the show sharing their car lot and providing the noon meal. The profits from the show are donated to Crossline and it was estimated that after all expenses that donation would be over $600. Even with a rain storm early in the day there were 53 registered cars. Jim Proe who has been the show organizer since its inception announced that the date for next year's show has been set for August 6, and Jim is looking for a new show organizer so he can spend more time with his father. Thanks to our club President who served as DJ even through early in the week he was hospitalized for an appendectomy. It was announced that the Chevelle Regional for 2016 will be held in Olathe and it looks like the 2017 event will be hosted by the Heartland club in Nebraska. The club also has its liability insurance which covers all club activities.

Next club meeting will return to Steak & Shake on September 5th at 5pm. Membership due in August; Kim Keith, Chuck Price, Mark Moore, Joe Eth




THE DRIVER'S SEAT - August 2015

Once again we have pulled off another successful GM Car and Truck show at Thompson Sales. This was our 10th year and while the number of entries have never been great, the quality is always there. It's a fun show and the people that come enjoy the show, music, FREE FOOD and awards. Next year will be a little different as Jim announced his retirement from the Show Chairman position. The Chevelle Club will now take over all responsibilities.  Thanks for all your hard work, Jim.

I would once again like to thank the many club members that helped unload, set up and reload the sound equipment at the GM Car and Truck show. A special thanks to Craig and Dennis who came to my house and carried it all out of my basement on Thursday and Friday. Without their help there would have been no music or PA system.

Pictures of the show can be seen at There was a photographer taking pictures of the show field all that day. Be sure to check out the pictures as there are a lot of them. The same web site has pictures from other area shows.

Our next meeting will return to Steak 'n Shake on September 5th at 5 pm.





Due to the first Saturday in July being the 4th the July meeting was held July 11th at Culvers during their cruise in.

Main topic of the meeting was the recent Regional meeting held at the Oasis June 26& 27. The club treated show participants to a bbq meal prepared by the Oasis staff. Rain showers on Friday cut short the fun at the drag strip but did provide cooler temperatures for Saturday ideal for strolling the parking lot and viewing the cars including three Dick Harrell cars. The Hinshaw's with a parts display were here all the way from North Carolina and there was a booth of one of our show sponsors O Reilly's. There was a total of 94 registered cars, a show this big requires a lot of hard work to organize and conduct a successful event, all of the help from all of the club members were sincerely appreciated.

The need for insurance coverage when sponsoring a event like the regional or local events was discussed and should be in place before the GM show on August 8th.

Once again our friends at Thompson's Is allowing us to use the front lot for the GM show and will be providing the noon meal for the show participants. Jim Proe is requesting club members bring coolers for the pop sales.

Our next meeting will be held at the GM Show, August 8th at 1:00.

See you there!






It's almost here, the Chevelle Regional show hosted by the Queen City Chevelle Club is June 26 & 27 at the Ramanda Oasis. All of the show preparations were reported on at the clubs June meeting held during the Steak and Shake cruise in. Duties were assigned and volunteers were gladly accepted, everything should be ready and we're excited to be hosting the show and welcome all of you Chevelle enthusiast to attend.  James Hinshaw from Hinshaw's Chevelle Parts will be attending so if you would like to save the shipping cost on Chevelle parts you need call Hinshaw's. Also coming up the 20th the Great American Race is to be in Springfield, cars are expected to start arriving on St Louis Street at 1:00. Coker tire is suppose to be in town with the race offering free shipping on wheels and tires sold during their stop here. There is also the club's picnic Sunday the 14th at the Lost Hill Park. The club will supply the fried chicken  ,ham sandwiches and drinks and ask that club members bring a side dish or dessert. We will meet at the Dickerson Park Zoo parking lot at 1:00 and then cruise on out to the park. If you have questions call Randy Weimer 417-207-3055 your picnic host. And last item of business we want to welcome Jacob O Neill to the club, Jacob has a maroon 70 Chevelle .





Our monthly meetings have seen a good number of members attending this year and that is encouraging. It tells me that you are interested in what our club does.

Jacob O’Neal has rejoined our club after being gone for a while. He is getting his 1970 Chevelle back together after major body and paint work. There are still some bugs to work out, but the car is looking real good.

Don’t forget our picnic at Lost Hill Park just north of town this Sunday (June 14). We will meet at the Dickerson Zoo parking lot at 1:00 pm and then cruise to the park. Randy and Dixie set this up again and it should be a great time to relax and brag about our cars. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert and don’t forget to bring your chairs!

The Midwest Chevelle Regional will be here real quick and most of the prep work is done due to hard working members. We hope to see all of our members Chevelles or El Caminos at the show to raise the total number of cars entered.

It seems that summer has arrived since temperatures are getting into the 90 degree range. All I can say is enjoy it because it sure beats wintertime.

Greenfield has a monthly cruise-in on the square the second Thursday and Lockwood has one on Main Street the last Thursday. Get the Chevelle out and cruise on over for some small town fun.

Be sure to check out the new Hinshaw’s Chevelle Parts web site. It’s completely redesigned and looks great. You can now view and order parts online.

Due to the next Steak ‘n Shake being on the 4th of July, our next meeting will be at Culver’s (2520 N Glenstone), July 11, 5:00pm. Culver’s usually has a nice cruise-in the second Saturday and this will give us something to do after the meeting.






Our May meeting was started with everyone wishing Perry a Happy Birthday. Perry is one of our faithful members who is always ready to help in some way and plans are being made to have a cookout at his house sometime this summer.

Another fun activity is being set up by Randy and Dixie. Lost Hill Park is a nice setting just north of town where we will have a club picnic like we did last year. More information will be made available later.

It was good to see Scot Matlock and family at our meeting. They traveled all the way from Arkansas in their 1970 SS Chevelle to be with the group.

The Midwest Chevelle Regional is fast approaching and we sure hope to see most of our members there that weekend. Entering your Chevelles in the show will make the show field look better and helping out with odd jobs can make the show run smooth.

The El Camino made its debut at Steak ‘n Shake this month. Being unfinished, it didn’t quite fit in with the other cool cars, but one day it will look better.

Our next meeting will be at Steak ‘n Shake, June 6, 5:00pm.






The second cruise in of the year at Steak and Shake saw another large car crowd. The great weather really brought out the classic cars and the Queen City Chevelle Club members took advantage of the event to hold it's May meeting. 

The meeting consisted of reports of the upcoming Regional show. Everything seems to be falling in to place and there has been 23 entries so far. 

The club picnic this year will be Sunday June the 14th at Lost Hill Park. We will meet at the Dickerson Park Zoo parking lot at 1:00 and cruise out to the park. The club will be providing fried chicken, ham sandwiches and soda. Everyone else is asked to bring a side dish. We will be stuffing the goodie bags for the regional show at the picnic, be sure to bring your lawn chairs.

If you have any questions about the picnic call Randy 417-207-3055





THE DRIVER’S SEAT – April 2015

The first cruise at Steak n Shake turned out great with the weather being good and many cars and trucks showing up. We also had a good group from the club attending.

I would like to thank those that have donated or made available, needed parts for my El Camino project. It continues to take my time and money at an alarming rate while throwing new problems at me every little bit. It’s one of those projects that you need to walk away from now and then.

What I didn’t expect was the delay in getting new parts that have always been around in the past, but are now impossible or hard to get. Some well known manufacturers seem to be making “universal parts” now days while others stopped producing certain items. Ebay is one solution, but does it really have to cost so much?

Culver’s first cruise of the year is this next Saturday and we hope to see many of you there if the weather cooperates.





It was a beautiful spring day for the first Steak & Shake cruise in and the parking lot was full of classic cars and their owners. The Queen City Chevelle Club took advantage of the occasion to hold their April meeting discussing the upcoming Chevelle Regional show.  The show will be held June 27 & 28 here in Springfield at the Ramada Oasis.  The tent and security has been secured, and O Reilly's has sent the club it's sponsorship money.  Also James and Sylvia Hinshaw of Hinshaw's Chevelle Parts are planning on attending, so if you are in need of some Chevelle parts and want to save on your shipping cost give them a call.  If you need a room during the show you better call soon, and we'll see you there.  In other news Craig Garrett announced that after many years that him and Ronda are calling it quits.  That's right they are both retiring at the end of August . That will give Craig a lot more garage time.  See you at the next club meeting, 5:00 at the May Steak & Shake cruise in.




THE DRIVER’S SEAT – March 2015

With the warmer temps and sunny days, we are seeing more classic vehicles driving around the city. It’s that time of the year when we get the urge for some drive time in our pride and joy. Just be sure to drive safe and watch out for the others drivers that may not be paying attention to what is around them.

There are shows and cruise-ins that are being posted on our web site so be sure to check the listing often. If you happen to know of a show that’s not listed, send us the information or a flyer so that it can be included.

Thanks to Marty and Kathy that came all the way from Cassville to attend the March meeting. We don’t get to see them very often because of the long distance, but sure appreciate it when they do come.


We are also glad to have Bill and Kathy back from their trip through Florida and Texas. They had some excitement on the road when a trailer tire blew as Bill was passing another vehicle. Thankfully the only injury was to the trailer, which sustained considerable damage.

Our meetings will now be held at the Steak n Shake cruise each month. We hope to see you there!





Welcome to the newest members of the Queen City Chevelle Club, Nelson and Janet Baker from Arlington, TN.  The Nelson's have a black 1965 Malibu 396,  5 speed with a 373 posi track.

We had 13 club members present for the March meeting held at the home of Robert & Jean Killingsworth, Sunday 8th.  Most of the business concerned the Regional Show coming up June 26 & 27. Mike Moore reported we have received some sponsorship money and the early registrations are trickling in. Be sure to visit the club website for info on the show and to see other Chevelle  events occurring around the midwest.  Jim Proe had a preview sample of the shows t-shirt. Also the contract for the club's Christmas party at the Oasis to be held December the 5th.

Next meeting will be held 5pm at the first cruise in of the season at Steak & Shake on Glenstone.

See you there




THE DRIVER’S SEAT – February 2015

Now that I have shifted from writing meeting minutes to writing the president’s column, I find I need to think of something to write about each month and that’s not always easy to do. Well, here goes nothing.

Mike Moore has been busy working out all the details for the Chevelle Regional that will be here before we know it. There is a lot of work involved with putting on this show that most people don’t realize and as in years past Mike does a great job.

Another hard working person is Jim Proe who works almost year round setting up the GM Car & Truck Show. It’s pretty much a one man show with some of us helping out the actual day of the show. He too does a great job and knows just how to get Thompson Sales to donate their main parking lot and free food year after year.

It takes many people to run a car club and there is always something that needs to be done so once in a while, volunteer to help in some way.

Lastly, I would like to give a “thumbs up” to last year’s officers for their time and effort that went into our Chevelle club.

Get those Chevelles shined up because spring is just around the corner!






OK, so I did say that last month’s note from me would be the last for a while but I thought it would be nice if I introduced the new leadership team.

First, thanks to Bill and Marcy Estes for hosting the meeting. We had a great turn out and once again Bill made a pot of his famous chili, which he attributes to his mother’s recipe as well and some great beef stew. Additionally a big thank you to Bill for inviting Mark Piatt from the “Oil and Octane Shop” in Springfield who came out to talk to us about race fuels and oil products. For those of you have been trying to source high performance fuels and related engine products, this is the place. They carry a full line of VP, Lucas Oil and Sunoco products.

Now for the big news, your club officers for the next two years are;


President – Robert Killingworth

Vice President – Scott George

Treasurer – Mike Moore

Secretary – Dixie Weimer

Directors – Bill Estes, Randy Weimer & Perry Rein

Congratulations to the new offices and I know we will give them all our support. Remember we are hosting the Mid-West Regional show this year so we will need all the members to chip and help make it a great one.

Once again thanks for all the support you gave to me the rest of the leadership team this past two years. It has been great fun.






MEETING MINUTES - January 2015

The first Chevelle Club meeting of 2015 was held Sunday January the 18 at the home of Bill and Marci Estes.

Mark Piatt of the Oil and Octane Shop in Springfield presented a informative talk about the products they carry featuring Lucas Oil products.  After the presentation we were treated to Chili and Bill's family recipe soup complemented by other food offerings provided by the club members. We want to send a big thank you to the Estes for providing  a meeting place and the delicious food. 

Then on to the main event, election of officers.  After much arm twisting the following officers were elected President Robert Killingsworth, Vice President Scott George, Treasurer Mike Moore and Secretary, Dixie Weimer.  Board members are Bill Estes, Randy Weimer and Perry Rein.

Jim Proe says the club still has some hat and t shirts and ladies hoodies available.

The next club meeting will be February 8th, 2:00pm at the home of Robert and Jean Killingsworth.

Sending well wishes to club member Trey Hart, hope you recover quickly from your knee surgery.

 I show the following club members dues are expiring in February: Mark Jantz, Kelley McKenzie Glen Humphrey, Dennis Keene, Steve Comer, Larry Davis, Melvin Adams







Well, once again the time has come. It’s  not only Christmas time or the soon to be  New Year of 2015 but the time for the election of  new QCCC Officers for the 2015-16 term. I encourage you all to consider running for office, as there is alot of talented members who would do a great job. Elections will take place at the next club meeting so think about running for an office.

Speaking of the next meeting, it will be hosted by Bill and Marcie Estes at the “Last Chance Garage.” The meeting will be Sunday, January 18, starting at 1 pm.  Bill and Marcie will have a pot of chili and soda. They could use some chips or deserts if you would like to bring something.

Many of you already received a note from Ron Carlson of “The Promotion Company/Family Events”announcing that the promoters have decided not to produce the 2015 “Autofest.” No reason was given in the note for the cancelation.  Ron did confirm that they will still produce the Street Machine Nationals at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds on September 26-27, 2015.

I would like to thank those who attended the Christmas Party. We had a great time and we also got to meet our newest members Tom, Lynee and young Addy Miller. Addy did a great job pulling the winning door prize names. The BBQ was great as was the conversation. For those who were unable to attend we sure hope you will consider attending next year.

Speaking of next year, as a result of the ever increasing fee’s to rent the boat house, the executive committee decided not to book the boat house for next year’s Christmas Party at this time. With that said, the new leadership team will be looking for your input on a potential location for our gathering next year. The primary criterion that has been used the last several years is,a location that has a private room that we can have for several hours, which can handle 30 to 40 people and either provides food, or allows catered food. If you have an idea for a new location, let one of the club officers know.

Since this is my last “Views” for a while, I would like to send out a huge thanks to Craig, Robert, Mike and Jim for all their help in putting on club activities and support of the membership. They made my role as club president very easy.

Finally, Kathy and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed New Year.





MEETING MINUTES – December 6, 2014

The meeting was held at our annual Christmas Party (the Boathouse).

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Jim/Chris Proe, Scott/Juanita George, Dan/Lorrie Scott, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Trey/Theresa Hart, Rocky/Shari Hill, Tom/Judy Keene, Chuck/Lisa Price, Kim/Becky Keith, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Perry/Carolyn Rein, Dennis/Carla Langston, Doug/Angie Wilks and new members Tom/Lynee Miller.

Bill gave the treasurer’s report since Mike was in Kansas City selling his 1969 Camaro at the Mecum Auction.

Next year’s GM Car & Truck Show will be August 8 at Thompson Sales. Flyers have already been made and passed out at the Hot Rod Holiday Car Show.

The Midwest Chevelle Regional show will be presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts with Hinshaw’s Chevelle Parts being a sponsor. Ground Up has also signed on as a sponsor. The event shirt design will be shown at our next meeting.

New club members Tom, Lynee and daughter Addie were introduced to the club. They have a 1970 Chevelle and are from Lebanon.

Gift certificates from Hinshaw’s were given as door prizes after the meal. Winners were Bill Wiehe, Jim Proe, Craig Garrett, Dennis Langston, Perry Rein, Kim Keith, Randy Weimer and Doug Wilks. Rocky Hill and Scott George won wall clocks.

Our next club meeting will be at the Last Chance Garage (Bill Estes shop) January 18 at 1 pm. Bill will provide chili and drinks, but asks members to bring chips and desserts.




VIEWS THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD –November 2014 - Supplement

Rhonda Garrett asked that we pass the following note along to the members.

I want to thank all of my car club family for your visits, thoughts, prayers and cards.  It sure helps during such an awful moment to have great friends.  I am still struggling with losing my wonderful mama.  You guys have also comforted my daddy even though you don't know it.  I think he was afraid I didn't have any friends.  He has been very touched by your thoughtfulness. 

Again to all of you thank you so much.







First, thanks to all who came out to the last meeting at Perry and Carolyn’s home in Lebanon. Besides the great hospitality, we had some great food and deserts. Thanks for having us out and we hope you will invite us all again.

Just a reminder, the club Christmas Party is Saturday, December 6, beginning at 6 pm at the Boat House on Lake Springfield. By popular request we will be having BBQ this year. If you have not yet replied to the RSVP sent to your email, please do so as soon as possible. Please send your reply to The cutoff date for replies is November 30. Check the QCCC webpage for more information.

I will end this short update on a sad note. Rhonda’s mother Hazel passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rhonda, Craig and their entire family.





MEETING MINUTES - Nov. 2, 2014

The meeting was held at Perry and Carolyn Rein’s home. We had lots of great food and conversation. Thank you, Perry and Carolyn for the wonderful hospitality, and especially Carolyn for all of the wonderful food.

Members attending….. Perry/Carolyn Rein, Jim/Chris Proe, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Mike/Becky Moore, Craig Garrett, Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Chuck/Lisa Price, Doug/Angie Wilks, and Steve/Neva Comer.

2015 Regional… Mike has sent out a mailing to sponsors and will be sending out another after the first of the year. He has heard back from Ausley’s who would like to be a sponsor. He will be sending out a mailing after the first of the year to previous attendees. Since Hinshaw’s will be at the show it was brought up that maybe we could get catalogs from Hinshaw’s and send them out with the mailings to attendees. Mike and Jim have met with the T-shirt vendor. They are working up a design for the shirts and possibly the goody bags.

A discussion was held regarding the venue for the Christmas party next year. The rent at the Boat House continues to rise. Some possibilities were brought up. If anyone has any ideas for a new venue, bring them to a meeting.

Our Christmas party is December 6th, at 6pm at the Boat House on Lake Springfield. Please bring a donation for Crosslines. To assure we get an accurate attendees count, we will be sending an RSVP Email to members in good standing. Please note, that those who attended the last meeting, are already counted.

Don’t forget, our Jan. meeting will be held at Bill Estes, Last Chance Garage. Keep checking the website for time and date.

Kathy Wiehe

Secretary, Pro-tem





First, thanks to all who came out to our last meeting at Steak ’n Shake this year. The meeting time for this one was moved up to 3pm, so we may have missed a few folks. The November meeting will be at Perry and Carolyn’s home in Lebanon. Sure hope you can all attend. Keep an eye on the website for additional information.

Just a reminder, the club Christmas Party is Saturday, December 6 at the Boat House on Lake Springfield. Once again, keep an eye on the Website for additional information.

Club members, Robert and Jean Killingsworth, Craig and Rhonda Garrett, Perry and Carolyn Rein and Bill and Kathy Wiehe attended the Chevelle show Shawnee/Olathe, Kansas on September 26 and 27. As an update to the information I mentioned last time,the Mid-America Chevelle Club has decided to join our Regional Organization. They have agreed to host the 2016 Regional Show and we are very happy to welcome them to the group. It is clearly a win – win for all. Speaking of wins, the Garrett’s and the Wiehe’s took home top three awards at the show and Robert and Jean took home a great trophy for Best Engine. Congratulations to all.

Finally, my apologies to all, for being very late this month with my “Views,” however, I amnot sure anyone even noticed, since I heard nothing from anyone about it. I guess I will assume you are all just being kind, in not mentioning its absence to me.

So until next time remember, ????????

Oh never mind, I forgot what I was going to pass along.





MEETING MINUTES – October 4, 2014

The meeting was held at Steak ‘n Shake on S Glenstone.

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Mike Moore, Craig Garrett, Jim Proe, Mark/Lisa Hooten, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Mark Jantz, Perry Rein, Bill Estes and Steven Cunningham.

Mike mentioned that Randy and Dixie were vacationing out west and couldn’t be at the meeting, but Randy had offered to be our club president next year. Everyone at the meeting accepted the offer and look forward to Randy’s leadership.

Bill announced that the Mid-America Chevelle Club would be hosting the Midwest Chevelle Regional show in 2016. They have done it in the past and we know it will be another fun show.

Also mentioned was last month’s Chevelle show in Shawnee where Craig, Bill and Robert brought home awards. It was reported that 115 Chevelles were in attendance.

Our annual Christmas Party will be December 6th at the Boathouse and BBQ will be on the menu this time. This may be our last event at this location since the rental keeps going up and it is more than we can afford. New locations are being sought.

Bill Estes has invited us out to his place for the January meeting where we will be voting on officers for 2015. A representative from the Oil & Octane Shop is also scheduled to speak about fuels and blends at the meeting.

Jim has a vendor that will design and print the shirts for next year’s regional. The shirts will have a Route 66 theme and will include an O’Reilly’s store.

Next month’s meeting will be November 1st (2:00pm) at Perry’s house in Lebanon. The address is 18220 Hwy 5, Lebanon.




MEETING MINUTES – September 6, 2014

The meeting was held at Steak ‘n Shake.

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Mike Moore, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Kyle Booth, Jim Proe, Scott George, Mark/Lisa Hooten, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Trey/Theresa Hart.

Crosslines sent a card to the club thanking us for the donation we made this year.

Next year’s GM Car & Truck Show will be in July, but the date hasn’t been set yet.

The Route 66 Show that was held on the square was reported to be a success with those attending reporting that there were lots of great cars and some really good bands.

The Midwest Chevelle Regional flyer for 2015 is now posted on our web site. We will once again have 1000 point judging available for those that want their car judged. James Hinshaw will be attending the show with a limited number of Chevelle parts.

Our Christmas Party will be here soon and Bill is looking at the menu choices. Contact him with your preference.

The Mid-America Chevelle Club Show is this month and we have 5 cars lined up to go. We would like to have a better showing for our club. If anyone else can take a Chevelle to this show, please contact Bill or Robert.

The Route 66 Park is now open, but is waiting on additional funds for the next phase. We are hoping more will be done when the Regional Show is here next year.

The Fall Street Machine Nationals is also this month. Our club had been contacted early this year about having a Chevelle display at the show, but our efforts to get more information from Family Events failed and no display is anticipated.

Our next club meeting will be at Steak ‘n Shake, October 4, 3:00pm.





First, thanks to all who came out to our last meeting. There is only one more meeting at Steak ’n Shake this year, so please plan to attend. The meeting time for this one has been moved up to 3pm so please make a note of the change. Additionally, we are looking for a volunteer to host the November meeting.

Just a reminder, the club Christmas Party is not too far off. Once again it will be held at the Boat House on Lake Springfield. Keep an eye on the Website for additional information.

The next Chevelle only show coming up is Shawnee/Olathe, Kansas show on September 26 and 27. As I mentioned last time,the Mid-America Chevelle Club is considering joining our regional organization. These are great folks who put on a great show and we need to support them as there members have regularly supported us. If you have never been to Shawnee, it might be time for you to pack up, take a ride and join in the fun. Details are posted elsewhere on this website.

That same weekend is the Fall Street Machine Nationals at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. That show runs Saturday and Sunday. You might recall that we were contacted at one point by the shows sponsors, to perhaps park as a club in a specific area. However, after several back and forth communications nothing was ever finalized. 

Finally alittle bit on the Wiehe’s recent road trip to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit.To say the least we have never seen so many cars, of all makes, models and vintages in one place ever. The cruise is just that, a cruise where cars move along the 20 plus mile stretch of Woodward Ave from Detroit to Pontiac, Mi. Spectators start setting up their tents and chairs days in advance. Various vendors and manufacturers including the “Big 3” have displays, set up to show their latest creations focused mostly on, you guessed it, muscle cars and accessories. This was the 20th anniversary of the Woodward Cruise. The origins of the Dream Cruise however date back to the 60’s where after long hours at the office, engineers from the major car manufactures would head home late at night, occasionally in one of their “project cars” to see how it would run. Legend has it that this developed into an informal gathering among the various engineers to see who had the hottest ride in town.  How it started is really not important but I can tell you that you will see cars that you have not seen in years or perhaps have only seen in magazines. In addition, on Saturday, which is the official cruise day, you will see all sorts of motorized madness. How about motorized bar stools and coolers? Or maybe a golf cart retrofitted with a motorcycle engine would be of interest. My favorite was the restoration level, on some of the cars that I had not seen it years. There were the typical top of the line muscle cars from all the manufactures but seeing an original 63 XKE that looked like new. Of course being so close to Canada, vintage Beaumont’s (Canadian Chevelle’s) were well represented.  It was quite the weekend trip, and we highly recommend that it be placed on every car guy and gals “bucket list.”


So until next time remember,

You are somebody's reason to smile. - unknown






Well, once again we had a great turn out and a wonderful day for the “All GM Show” at Thompson Sales last Saturday. Spectacular weatherdrew some great cars to the show. The last total I had was 67 registered participants. As always, Mr. Thompson graciously opened up their dealership and provided food for the participants in the show.  This year we changed up the judging categories a bit, and it seemed to go over well with the participants. I heard several folks say they liked the fact that we had a separate category for trucks and late models.  The best part of course, was that we were able once again, to donate all the profits from the show to Cross Lines.  While I do not have the final figures the preliminary tally suggests the donation will be over $800.00 to this great cause.

Huge thanks go to Thompson Sales for their continued support of the show, and our club, without which we would not be able to make it happen. Also thanks to Dennis Langston and Jean Killingsworth for  handling registration chairs; Robert Killingsworth for his great music and running the door prizes; Randy Weimer for running errands; Mike Moore for doing the soda and ice run and sales and Dixie Weimer and Dennis Langston for running the 50/50 contribution; Scott George and Craig Garrett for the use of their tents; Jim and Chris Proe for stuffing all the “goodie bags” given to participants and all the club members who came out to support the show and did whatever it took to make it happen.Finally and most importantly a big thanks to Jim Proe for once again making this show happen. This is kind of his “baby” and he does such a great job.The rest of us just stand aside and wait for instructions. Thanks again Jim from all of us.

Well we are now into the back half of summer and with local shows going on all around us, there is plenty to look forward too, the remainder of the year.  This includes the Olathe, Kansas show coming up in September. You may recall from a previous article that the Olathe group is considering joining our Regional organization. Regardless, these are great folks who put on a great show and we need to support them as there members have regularly supported us. If you have never been to Olathe, it might be time for you to pack up, take a ride and join in the fun.Details are posted elsewhere on this website, so take a look and if you decide to go, be sure to be at the next meeting at Steak N Shake where I am sure we will discuss caravan plans to Olathe.

Finally aquick update on the addition/remodel here at the Wiehe’s. Things are moving along and we have the completed drywall, taping and painting of the addition. Some additional trim work is needed but we are close to the point where we can begin moving “stuff” from storage to its to its new home. Kathy and I still have some painting to do but we are getting close, so stay tuned.

So until next time remember to;

Follow me on follow me on You Tube,

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or whatever Mike use to say…..





MEETING MINUTES – August 2, 2014

The meeting was held at the GM Car & Truck Show (Thompson Sales).

Members seen at the show were: Kelley McKenzie, Scott/Juanita George, Larry Brown, Mike Moore, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Bill Wiehe, Jim Proe, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Mark Hooten, Chuck Price, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Dennis Langston, Tom Keene and Perry Rein.

Jim Proe’s hard work was noted for his many trips to Harbor Freight, getting door prizes and goodie bags for the GM Car & Truck Show. Jim does it all and the show is a success because of his efforts. 67 vehicles were registered at the show this year.

Mike mentioned the regional show that we will be hosting next year. We are wanting to use a Route 66 theme for the show. We may also take a short cruise on the old Route 66 that weekend.

See Mike Moore for club jackets and shirts.

Our next club meeting will be at Steak ‘n Shake, September 6, 5:00pm.





I am a bit late this month with my report but I have an excuse. I wanted to wait a bit so I could report on the Mid-West Regional in Wichita, KS as I really did not have much else to talk about. Then Dixie & Randy had a great idea for a cruise and picnic so it just seemed like a good idea to wait. Well that is my story anyway and I am sticking to it.

OK so we had a great weekend for the Regional and the folks in Wichita did a heck of job as always. The weather was great and while it was a hot warm it is June after all.  We understand that 107 cars were on the show field and frankly they were some the best yet. The quality of the cars keeps getting better and better which bodes well for the hobby.  The Queen City Chevelle Club was represented by Kelley McKenzie, Randy Weimer, Robert & Jean Killingsworth, Mike & Becky Moore, Glen & Wanita Humphrey, Craig & Rhonda Garrett and Bill & Kathy Wiehe.Randy, Craig & Rhonda and Bill & Kathy went home with awards. After a great weekend, Saturday closed out with a great band in the parking lot. Thanks to the Wichita Chevelle Owners for the great weekend.

And speaking Mid-West Regional Chevelle Shows take note QCCC members. The Queen City Chevelle Club will be the hosting 2015 Mid-West Regionals. We will hold the event once again at the Ramada Oasis. We are finalizing the dates as this is being written so stay tuned.We are always looking for new ideas to incorporate in the show so if you have some ideas, please let one of the club officers know. If the Wichita attendees are any indication, we should have allot of great rides to see and enjoy. Remember, we are the home of the first Mid-West Regional Show and next year will be the 28th anniversary as well as the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Chevelle.

The GM Show is next month at Thompsons Sales in Springfield on August 2. We start registration at around 8:00 am and awards are usually around 3:30 pm. We will have our August meeting at the show so please plan to attend.

Finally a big thank you goes out to Dixie and Randy for setting up and getting all of us out to the Picnic last Sunday.  It was great to see everyone again and have some fun conversation and great food. Also there were some good looking Chevelles that drew quit bit of attention from passersby. However, the real treat was Robert’s burn out. First time I have ever seen him let it all hang out. Nice smoke Robert.

Well, until next time, stay cool.




MEETING MINUTES – June 29, 2014

The meeting was held at Lost Hill Park.

Members present were: Scott/Juanita George, Mike Moore, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Jim/Chris Proe, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Mark/Lisa Hooten, Chuck Price, Rocky/Shari Hill, Doug/Angie Wilks, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Mark Jantz, Dan/Lorrie Scott, Tom/Judy Keene and Perry/Carolyn Rein.

Bill started the meeting by thanking Randy and Dixie for setting up the picnic at Lost Hill Park. We all enjoyed the beautiful park and good food.

Mike told us about our plans to have the Midwest Chevelle Regional back in Springfield next year. It will be at the Ramada Oasis again and the date has been set for June 19-20, 2015. The show will have the same format as when we did it last time. A theme for the show was discussed and will be given more thought.

The Mid-America Chevelle Club is thinking about coming back to the Midwest Regional Show and taking their turn in hosting it. This was brought up at the business meeting in Wichita last month and we all hope the K.C. club will join the Regional Show.

Bill reported that the Regional Show in Wichita was a success with 107 outstanding Chevelles and El Caminos attending. The weather was good, the show even better and there was a great band that played on the parking lot Saturday night. Those of us that went had a great time.

The GM Car & Truck Show will be here soon and Jim reminded us that there will be a new class for 1980 and up vehicles this year. Assigned parking was discussed, but it was decided to allow participants to continue parking where they want. Workers should be at the show site by 7:30am to unload trucks, set up canopies, help park cars and get the registration area ready. Club members are reminded that we want you to bring your Chevelles for display, but your cars will not be in competition for awards.

A club t-shirt was donated by Jean Killingsworth for a door prize at our picnic and the winner was Shari Hill.

Our next club meeting will be at the GM Car & Truck Show, August 2, 2:00pm.





MEETING MINUTES – June 7, 2014

The June meeting was held at Steak ‘n Shake.

Members present were: Scott George, Mike Moore, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Kelley McKenzie, Jim Proe, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Mark Hooten, Steve Cunningham, Chuck Price, Rocky/Shari Hill, Doug Wilks and Robert/Jean Killingsworth.

Mike Moore gave the Treasurer’s report and our bank account is fine.

Mike showed us a denim shirt with the club logo that is available for purchase. A denim jacket with logo is also available to those that want one. Shirts are $48 and jackets are $70. Contact Mike for more information.

Dixie and Randy have set up a club picnic for June 29 at the Lost Hill Park just north of Springfield. We will meet at the Dickerson Park Zoo at 12:30pm and caravan to the picnic location (4705 N Farm Rd 151). Fried chicken, deli sandwiches and drinks will be provided by the club and members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. Please R.S.V.P. to Dixie or Randy.

A short discussion was held on the regional show in Wichita and several members will be going. A few will leave here Thursday and some will leave early Friday morning.

Jim still needs more door prizes for the GM Car & Truck Show coming up in August. He has enough goodie bag items, but needs bigger items to give to participants. If you can acquire additional items for the show, it would be much appreciated.

Our next club meeting will be at the club picnic, June 29.





Nice turn out at the last meeting at ‘Stake n’ Shake’ this past weekend. Thanks to all the members who took time to come out and say hello. It is always fun to hang out and “talk shop.”As always be sure to check out Robert’s column to keep up with meeting minutes and details of what was discussed.

We finally got a chance to say hi Rocky and Sherry Hill who moved to the Billings having been members of the Mid-America Chevelle Club, welcome.

Mike Moore brought samples of the ‘Jean Jackets’ with the QCCC Logo that many members were interested in and they looked great. We can also get the lighter weight Jean Shirts. If you are interested in ordering a Jacket or Shirt please let Mike know.  Also note that the vendor has our logo and will be able to affix it to just about anything jacket or shirt you may have for a fee. For more details check the meeting notes.

Don’t forget Crawdad Days show in Harrison on May17th. A group will be meeting at the Wal-Mart in Ozark, just off 65 at South Street I believe a 6:00am. Last year our group got down there are bit late and parking was tight hence the early departure this year.   Also Street Machines is come up on May 23-25.  Be sure to check the QCCC webpage for information on these and other upcoming events.

Until next time, enjoy the spring weather.


“It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.” – Zen Sarcasm





The May meeting was held at Steak ‘n Shake.

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Dan/Lorrie Scott, Dennis/Janet Keene, Kirk Keene, Mark/Lisa Hooten, Mike Moore, Jim Proe, Perry/Carolyn Rein, Randy Weimer, Robert Killingsworth, Kelley McKenzie, Larry Brown, Steve Comer, Scott/Hannah George.

Mike reported that he sold his 1969 Chevelle at the Mecum Auction in Kansas City. He was pleased with the results and is now working on another project. Mike also gave us a report on our bank account.

Bill reports that he is looking for a new vendor for club banners. He also shared an email from a person in Springfield that is planning to open a new restaurant called the Filling Station. Items are needed to decorate the walls of this new eating place and if you have items you can donate or loan, call Bill.

The regional show in Wichita is coming up fast and if you are planning to go, book the hotel now. Several of us will be going.

Crawdad Days is May 17 and those wanting to go can caravan. Meet at Walmart in Ozark at 6:00am.

The Street Rod Show (NSRA) will be later this month at the fairgrounds. A few of our members will be in the show and the rest of us can line up on Glenstone to watch the cars at night.

Our next club meeting will be at Steak ‘n Shake, June 6 at 5:00pm.





Great turn out at the last meeting at ‘Steak n’ Shake’ this past weekend. The parking lot was really packed but thanks to several of our member’s early arrival we had our regular corner staked out for the meeting. Thanks to all who came out.  Be sure to check out Robert’s column to keep up with meeting minutes.

Join me in welcoming new members Mark and Lisa Hooten. They joined us at the meeting last week and have a really nice 69 Chevelle SS. Ah, love those 69’s for sure.

Be sure to check the upcoming events area on the website.

Until next time, stay safe.






April's meeting was held on the Steak n Shake parking lot.

Members present were Scott George, Jim Proe, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Perry/Carolyn Rein, Mike Moore, Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Larry Davis, Scot Matlock, Larry Brown, Steve Comer, Chuck Price, Dan/Lorrie Scott and Dennis Keene.

New members Mark & Lisa Hooten were introduced to our group and they have a 1969 Fathom Green Chevelle.

The Chevelle Regional that will be held in Wichita was discussed. We have received show flyers and several of our members are planning to attend in June. Anyone that did not get a flyer can see or print one from our web site.

Larry Davis handed out flyers for the Crawdad Days Car Show and invited everyone to attend. Lucky winners at the show will received cash instead of trophys or plaques.

Bill stated that he has not heard anything more from Emily Boden, who is wanting our club to have a "Chevelle Display" at the Fall Street Machine National. We are still looking for banners or signs for this display that will draw attention to our cars.

Some of our members are planning to attend the Mid-America Chevelle Regional in September to support the KC club.

New club jackets are still being looked at and as soon as we find a new supplier, we will take orders from our members who want them.

The next meeting will be at Steak n Shake, May 3, 5:00pm.




First, let me say many thanks to Robert and Jean for hosting our last meeting at their home.

As most of you know we called off the March meeting due to the poor weather so our next meeting will be at Steak & Shake the first Saturday in April. Check the Club website for more information.

We have some known friends moving to the area and I believe they will be joining the club when they get settled in. Rocky and Sherry Hill are moving to the Billings area. They have been members of the Mid-America Chevelle Club for many years and we look forward to having them in the area.

As far as Wiehe’s relocation odyssey goes, we are out of our former digs. We won’t be moving in until mid-April so we will be spending some time in the RV at the Lake. To say least it has been a challenge. Can’t wait to move in and get settled…. Can’t wait!

Hope to see everyone at the first meeting at Steak & Shake the first Saturday in April.

Think spring.





MEETING MINUTES – February 2014

The February meeting was held at Robert and Jean Killingsworth’s house.

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Mike Moore, Jim Proe, Chuck/Lisa Price, Perry/Carolyn Reins, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Doug Wilks, Scott/Hannah George and Craig/Rhonda Garrett.

Mike suggested we create a club display sign or banner for the Autofest and Fall Street Machine shows to drawn attention to our cars. The attention could bring in new members. Several ideas were discussed and more information will be gathered in the coming weeks.

Bill shared an email he received from a lady associated with the Fall Street Machine Nationals. She would like to create a Chevelle Display to showcase our cars. We will get more information and discuss this opportunity at the next meeting. One problem with this is that the Mid-America Chevelle Club in Kansas City has once again chosen to have their show the same weekend as the Fall Nationals.

Mike wants to start preparing for the 2015 Midwest Chevelle Regional that will be hosted by us. Mike, Bill and Jim will meet with Sarah at the Oasis to set the date for the show. We will make the announcement at this year’s regional show in Wichita.

There has been some interest in ordering the light weight club jackets. Several members are going to look into the cost and where we can purchase them. The style we have now is no longer being produced.

Our next club meeting will be at Robert and Jean’s house, March 16 at 2:30pm.





While the weather was a bit iffy, we had a really nice turn out form the Club for Autofest at the Empire Fair Grounds. It was evident that weather hurt participant attendance as the car count was down but the quality of cars was very strong including the debut of Mike Moore’s fresh off the rotisserie 69 Chevelle SS.  Thanks to Robert for arranging the QCCC display area so we could all park together.

Top 30 Winners from the Queen City Chevelle Club included; Mike Moore, Randy Weimer, Steve Comer, Doug Wilks, Chuck Price, Tom Keene, Dennis Keene and Kelly McKenzie. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to all those who came out to represent the Club at the show. Also please welcome Melvin and Victoria Adams who stopped by our Chevelle display at the Autofest show.  They have a 71 Malibu under restoration.


Next Meeting will be Feb 23, 2014 - 2:00pm at Robert and Jean’s House. 2116 N Delaware Avenue

Springfield, Missouri.

So until next time remember;

“Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.” – Zen Sarcasm

Think Spring.







Happy New Year all and I hope you all survived the arctic blast that hit us recently. It was quite a shock after having several days right after the first of the year that were perfect for cruising. Some of us hit the road to an in-prompt-to cruise to Republic to Heady BBQ to enjoy some food, music and cars. Kathy and I also took a mid-week ride to Rockbridge for lunch with Chuck and Lisa Price. Chuck took the lead on a great trip as we ran the single lane roads over and back in the 67 and 68 Chevelles. I am kind of getting into these “last minute” let’s go trips.Thanks Chuck for the call.

Well, I guess you know by now we had elections for the 2014 year at the last meeting. The officers will remain the same for 2014 year with the exception of Vice President. Craig Garrett has agreed to fill the slot which opened up when Trey Hart resigned from the position due to other commitments. I want to thank Trey for all his help during the past year. In addition to Craig, the club officers are Secretary, Robert Killingworth; Treasurer, Mike Moore and yours truly as President. The Board of Directors is Scott George, Bill Estes and Chuck Price. Thanks you Mike and Becky for hosting the January meeting.

From reports received, the Christmas Party was enjoyed by all who attended. We have booked the same location for next year. The food choice this year, which was catered by Coyote’s in Nixa, also received positive reviews as well, however we are always open to suggestions so let us know. While we have already booked the location for next year, if there is some other venue you feel might be a good place to consider holding our Christmas get together, please let us know.

Also want to pass along that Autofest is coming up really soon. If you plan on going, it is time to get your reservations in if you want to be part of the show. The pre-registration has been extended to January 31. All the details including a downloadable registration form is available on the club website.

So until next time remember;

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire.” – Zen Sarcasm

Think spring.





MEETING MINUTES – January 19, 2014

The January meeting was held at Mike and Becky Moore’s garage.

Members present were: Bill/Kathy Wiehe, Randy/Dixie Weimer, Craig/Rhonda Garrett, Mark Jantz, Mike/Becky Moore, Jim Proe and Robert/Jean Killingsworth, Dennis Keene, Kirk Keene, Scott/Hannah George, Perry Rein, Steve Comer.

Robert mentioned that orders for club coats would be closed after the meeting. Mike will be checking to see if the light weight club jackets are still available since several members were interested in the lighter jackets.

Nine members from the meeting are planning to show their cars at the Autofest Show. We are planning to park as a group if possible.

Craig has reserved the Boathouse for our Christmas party in December. The rates have gone up there and we will be looking for another location for the 2015 Christmas party. If anyone knows of a good place, let us know.

Officers for 2014 are: President-Bill Wiehe, Vice President-Craig Garrett, Treasurer-Mike Moore, Secretary-Robert Killingsworth.

Board of Directors are: Scott George, Bill Estes and Chuck Price.

Our next club meeting will be at Robert & Jean’s house, February 23 at 2:00pm. The Daytona 500 will be on the big screen for those wanting to watch.